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Hydraulic Vertical Bending Machine
Hydraulic Vertical Bending Machine

 1. General Description of Hydraulic Vertical Bending Machine
This hydraulic vertical bending machine allows to form the 4 panels composing the complete transformer tank. Using this system it allows to eliminate 3 weldings, save time of assembling and welding the tank with a reduction of leakage risks.

2. Main Units of Hydraulic Vertical Bending Machine

    1) Bending system

    2) Safety system for the operator
    3) Hydraulic unit 

    4) Control panel  

3Main Parameters of Hydraulic Vertical Bending Machine

    1) Sheet thickness(Max.): 1.75mm  

    2) Panel width(Max.): 1600mm   

    3) Panel fin height: 50-400mm   

    4) Distance between panels(Min.): 60mm 

    5) Power: 5.5Kw   

    6) Hydraulic pressure: 10MPa





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