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About Us

Changzhou ZEMU Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a technological innovation-oriented
specialized in R&D and manufacturing electrical equipment, automation equipment
especially non-standard
mechanical equipment. We have established long-term cooperation
with scientific institution
and introduce international technology with appropriate adjustment
and receive customers’ consistent approval on
performance, quality, and cost, etc.

  Our range of services:
  * Transformer Corrugated Fin Production Lines(Fin forming, seam welding,spot welding) 
  * Transformer Radiator Production Lines
  * Tank Assembly Manipulator for Corrugated Tanks
* Vertical Bending Machine
* Spot Welding Machine
  * Automatic Corrugated Fin Seam Welding Machine

  Welcome customers to visit our company or call us. Our team of experts will be the basis
of their many
years of industry experience and innovative ideas, to provide customers with
more industry non-standard

  Our customers benefit from our years of experience with reliable service by our specialists

consultancy, comparison and training online or on site.

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